Friday, 17 February 2012

Being an Empowered Woman - Why You Should Be Proud of Your Gender

“A Woman is but the product of her thoughts; what she thinks she becomes”- Mahatma Gandhi. It is the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi for women power. With this quote, it is clear that there is accelerating development in the status of woman in every part of the world.
Still, in many parts of the world especially in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. Woman has to face many problems for their survival in their country. Gender killing, gender inequality, dowry problem, etc. are the main problems, which normally a woman of a developing country faces especially in remote areas.

I am also a woman and I feel proud to be a woman. But, in developing nations women empowerment is facing many exploitations and extortions. Due gender inequality woman has to face problems of laws also. In today’s world, Women should bear equal status as that of Men. Even in many aspects of life a Woman, leave man far behind herself. Like, in jobs women gain more preference over men. As per many surveys conducted on jobs stability, it is seen that women are more stable than men are in a particular job, they rarely change their jobs and as far as men are considered, they often change their jobs. Then, when we talk about the working efficiency of both men and women so now, both bear the same efficiency to do the work and even, women are considered more sincere and honest towards their work as far men are considered. Then secondly, a woman can handle both, i.e. her office as well as her home. Not only in developing countries women handle both things together, but in developed countries also there are many working moms who handle their family as well as their work.

Now, what does being an empowered woman mean? An empowered woman can be empowered in different fields like, economically empowered, politically empowered, socially empowered, etc. A women is called to be politically empowered when she participates in elections or when she is a part of the government of her country. A best example of this is Mrs. Hilary Clinton (Secretary of United states). She is the Secretary of U.S. and is a live example of an empowered woman economically, socially and politically. A woman is economically empowered when she got all rights to make decisions to use her resources. Whereas, Social empowerment of a woman refers a socially developed woman, i.e. she enjoys all social aspects like proper and compulsory education, liberation from mistreatment, exploitation and oppression.

An economically empowered woman can become politically empowered whereas; a socially empowered woman can be economically empowered. This shows that all the three aspects of empowerment of woman are related and interdependent on each other. Many NGO’s are working for the upliftment of women in almost every country. For this, they conduct awareness creating campaigns, or sometimes visit the remote areas themselves. They make people aware about the gender inequality, gender killing and other feminine problems and issues, which a woman normally faces. In addition, they inform them about the opportunities of being empowered, which they can avail in their country. This is a great approach, which will surely make each woman proud on her to be an “Empowered Woman”.


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