Saturday, 11 February 2012


“India Against Corruption” is a people's movement to build wide reforms of anti-corruption systems in India. Some leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, and Lal Bahadur Shastri have taken birth in India and now the same country is facing the problem of corruption. Several esteemed citizens have come together to force the Government of India to execute the Jan Lokpal Bill.

In the past six decades, the 4 pillars of democracy i.e. the legislature, judiciary, executive and the press, all have developed serious problems in India. The rule of law stands inverted and moral values seriously eroded. The civil rights of women and children suffer impudent violations. Daily newspapers are filled with cases of rape, dowry-deaths, trafficking, abduction and murder. The sluggish, the old and those living alone are robbed and killed every day. The police authorities prefer to look the other way. Attempts to lodge complaints with them are simply delayed unless some activists take the batons of justice in their hands. Members of the revered corridors of the law courts have break down to the temptations of underhand deals.

Newspaper editors and managers are known to fix deals with corporate bosses to give them favourable coverage through "paid news". Schools openly persuade parents to pay the huge sums of money before entering children into their portals and indirectly call it a "donation". Indeed no receipt is given for this transaction. While the government pretends helplessness, the practice gains approval and acceptance.

Corruption has virtually cloaked the development of India, growing annually by over 100 percent and most bribery is accumulated from the transport industry, real estate and "other public services". The recent scandals which involve unpretending big amounts of money, such as 2G spectrum scam, are well known. It is calculated that more than trillion dollars are concealed away in foreign ports, while 80% of Indians earn less than 2$/day and every second child starve of food. It seems as if only the earnest people are poor and weak in India and want to get rid of poverty by education, migration to cities and immigration, whereas the corrupt ones, are continuously getting richer through scams and crime day by day. It shows that India is a rich country which comprises of poor people.

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